Design and development of an Energy Efficiency Management and Control System with cost-effective solutions for residential and educational buildings – DOITSMARTER


  • To design, develop and test Energy Management and Control algorithms (including monitoring and targeting (M&T) and measurement and verification (M&V)) and tools for the optimization of a Smart Building, with residential homes and apartments reducing the energy consumption of the house and the costs with up to 20%;
  • To develop, test and demonstrate cost-effective power-to-heat solutions using heat pumps and heat boosters with relay plug-in communication modules for district heating and cooling systems (DHCS), (TRL 6-7);
  • To install and demonstrate cost-effective and user-friendly solutions in three Demo pilots with Residential Houses and public buildings in Romania and Norway (TRL 6-7).
  • Time

    May 2022 – September 2023 (20 months)
  • Project value

    542,400 Euro
  • Grant Value

    448,600 Euro
  • Coordinator

    Technical University of Cluj-Napoca
  • Local Coordinator

    Dr. Andrei Ceclan

Project benefits

  • 3 joint successful applications for Intellectual Property protection;
  • 3 demo pilots in Romania and Norway;
  • An estimated GES (CO2 equivalent) reduction of at least 86 tons/yr;
  • Energy reduction of at least 350 MWh/yr.

EnTReC main contribution

  • Project coordinator & management responsible
  • Demo site responsible in Cluj-Napoca
  • Responsible for specification analysis, analysis of “big energy data”, requirements, and standardization activities;
  • Develop algorithms for optimized energy management, control of buildings and energy communities which allow them to use the highest possible share of RES and local CHP;
  • Develop specific M&T and M&V tools to be integrated in the EMCS;
  • Main responsible for communication, dissemination and exploitation of results.